Hostility Towards Transgender Influencer Chiang Chia-Wen Is Unacceptable

Milo Hsieh

A transgender influencer's pregnancy claim ignited a debate over medical ethics, harassment by journalists, and cancel culture.


What’s Going on With Taiwan’s Influencers?

Nicholas Haggerty

What’s unique about the latest tabloid dramas in Taiwan is the extent to which the medical establishment has taken interest.


On the Front Line with Indonesia's Transgender Community

Jeffrey Hutton

Amid an increasingly conservative national mood, Indonesia's transgender community is once again on the front line in the battle against intolerance.

Gay Couple Kissing

Commercial Sex Among Chinese Men

Cai Yifeng

Contemporary China has witnessed a sexual revolution that is more open to different sexuality and has a profound impact on gay sex.


FEATURE: Why Seven out of Ten Transgender Taiwanese Consider Suicide

Olivia Yang

Two transgender people in Taiwan believe the high suicide rate in their community might be due to gender stereotypes and inequalities being more serious issues in the Chinese culture.


My Life as a Gay Father of a Transgender Son

Fan Yiying

PFLAG volunteer tells Sixth Tone how he and his transgender son learned to stand up for each other.


Meet India’s Transgender Community in Documentary 'Black Sheep'

Cinema Escapist

New documentary profiles the hijra — a unique transgender community in India with several thousand years of history.


Tackling Sex Re-assignment Surgery in Malaysia

Ismail Shogo

Ismail Shogo outlines the Malaysian state’s stance on sex re-assignment surgery and seeks to analyze the rationale that underlies it.


After Watershed Year, Chinese Trans Activists Hold First Summit

Qian Jinghua

A national conference wraps up a momentous year of transgender activism in China.

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