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How Party Affiliation Affects Public Perceptions of Free Speech in Taiwan

Timothy S. Rich

Supporters of ruling parties would be more likely to trust the government and to assume that such restrictions are in the public’s interest.


Philippines: ‘Communist’ Book Bans Raise New Censorship Fears

Deutsche Welle

Free speech advocates are concerned the new government of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will continue cracking down on independent media in an attempt to whitewash the history of his father’s brutal dictatorship.


Malaysia Ramps Up Harassment of Government Critics, Rights Groups Say

Voice of America

Rights groups say police investigations into journalists, protesters, and opposition lawmakers have picked up since the country entered a state of emergency in January.


US Judge Halts Ban on Wechat Downloads

Deutsche Welle

A federal judge delayed the Trump administration's ban hours before it was due to take effect, citing concerns over free speech. Owned by Chinese tech giant TenCent, WeChat has around 19 million active daily users in the United States.


Chinese Activist Detained After Calling on Xi Jinping to Resign

Voice of America

In the latest crackdown on free speech, Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong was detained after calling Xi Jinping "clueless" on the coronavirus outbreak.


Mahathir's First 100 Days: Only Marginal Progress on Free Speech

Global Voices

Some independent news websites have been unblocked, but a Kuala Lumpur-based journalism organization says 'violations against freedom of expression are still occurring.'

Singapore Newspaper Reader

Does Singapore Really Need a 'Fake News' Law?

Kirsten Han

There are plenty of constraints on free expression in Singapore and fake news appears yet to be a problem.


Is Free Speech an ‘Empty Promise’ in Singapore?

Mong Palatino

An artist and political activist was standing alone before the Parliament House, holding a mirror as an act of performance art. He was led away by the police and detained until he posted bail the next day.


Free Media Fighting to Stay Alive in Cambodia amid Hun Sen's Latest Crackdown

Mong Palatino

One daily newspaper, two foreign media services and three local radio stations are among those under threat.


China and the End of Anonymous

Oiwan Lam

'Most online comments on the regulation have been hidden on social media — some threads show only two comments out of hundreds, while on others the comment section has been shut down. The majority of comments do not appear on a search.'

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