World Health Assembly


US Strongly Advocates for Taiwan to Regain WHO Status

Voice of America

The State Department’s renewed support for Taiwan comes days after U.S. President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that directs the secretary of State to develop a strategy to regain observer status for Taiwan in the WHO.


‘Taiwan’ Blocked in WHO Facebook Video

TNL Staff

Messages that contain the word “Taiwan” are blocked from appearing in the comments section below a live-streaming video of the WHA meeting on Facebook.


OPINION: World Health Organization Neglects 23.5 Million Taiwanese Citizens' Health

Taiwan Insight

World Health Organization prides itself on promoting inclusive health care for all of humanity, but Taiwan is excluded from the circle.


OPINION: Taiwan’s Exclusion from the WHA is a Detriment to Global Health

Kuo-Chang Huang

China's efforts to ensure Taiwan is excluded from the WHA undermine the global democratic order.


WHO Bows to China Pressure, Contravenes Human Rights in Refusing Taiwan Media

David Green

This is the second year in a row that Taiwanese journalists have been denied access to the world's largest heath policy meeting.


Taiwan's NGOs Take to the Internet to Protest WHA Exclusion

Morley J Weston

Chinese pressure is again keeping Taiwan out of the world's biggest health policy meeting.


China Shot Itself in the Foot over Taiwan WHA Exclusion, Researcher in Geneva Says

Kai-Yuan (Kyle) Cheng

China’s refusal to allow Taiwan into the world’s biggest annual health meeting has ironically resulted in Taiwan becoming the center of attention, says a Taiwan researcher who was at the forum in Geneva.


Does Taiwan’s WHA Exclusion Really Matter? An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Biggest Health Meeting

Kai-Yuan (Kyle) Cheng

Not all Taiwanese have been excluded from attending the World Health Assembly this year. One Taiwanese researcher who will be at the meeting in Geneva explains why gaining “observer” status is not all it is cracked up to be, and why Taiwan needs a new strategy that does not rely on its unguaranteed status at the WHA.


Taiwan Fights to Attend International Forums in 2017, Despite Beijing’s Interference

ZiQing Low

Here we go again: Taiwan’s participation in international organizations continues to be undermined and blocked by Beijing.

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