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Behind the Scenes at the Taipei Game Show

Jules Quartly

From big industry players to indie developers and twitchy live streamers, TGS had everything a dedicated follower of gaming could desire.


Kaohsiung Gaming Tournament Illustrates Esports as New Site of Identity Contestation

Brian Hioe

There is no love lost between Taiwan and China, given China’s claims of sovereignty over Taiwan despite Taiwanese people increasingly not identifying as Taiwanese, particularly among the young people who would watch esports.


How China's Biggest Video Game Became the Target of the Chinese Communist Party

Oiwan Lam

Chinese Communist Party media and commentators have objections to the game that go beyond its supposedly addictive nature. They are concerned about the game's storyline, which they say 'subverts Chinese history,' writes Oiwan Lam.


Q&A: ArtLord’s Mike Yang on VR Gaming, Deep Terror and Turning Taiwan's South Digital

David Green

Can animation, virtual reality, and digital content replace heavy industry and manufacturing in Taiwan's south?


PHOTO STORY: 2017 Taipei Game Show Shines in Booming Industry

Olivia Yang

The Asia-Pacific region is leading the global games market with revenue of US$50.1 billion in 2017, and the eSports economy is expected to earn US$1 billion in 2019.


Taiwan Finally Gets Behind Booming ESports Industry

Mo Tz-pin

How is Taiwan responding to the fast growing industry of competitive gaming?

New Video Game Features Taiwan’s White Terror Era

New Video Game Features Taiwan’s White Terror Era

Yuan-ling Liang

A 'breakthrough' video game takes players into the horrors of Taiwan’s White Terror period and decades of martial law.

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