When Switzerland Was the Location of Choice for Chinese Espionage

In the 1960s, Switzerland stood at the center of a global Chinese espionage network. Many Taiwanese diplomats could be blackmailed into collaboration because they had relatives living in China.


ANALYSIS: The 10 Key Elements of China's Anti-Taiwan Campaign

China Brief

CCP pressure on Taiwan forms an interlocking web of coercion that demands pushback from the international community.


One of the Earliest Industrial Spies Was a French Missionary Stationed in China

Cara Giaimo

When he wasn’t converting people, Father Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles was extracting trade secrets from porcelain producers.


CARTOON: Chinese Spies in Taiwan?

Stellina Chen

'Compared with eight years ago, it’s likely that Beijing now has a greater need to understand and grasp the current situation of the Taiwanese government.'

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