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Falling Through The Cracks of Taiwan’s Immigration System

Henning von Mirbach

While the cautionary nature of Taiwan's approach to granting visas is praiseworthy, it can also turn a blind eye to situational, human ethics and doesn’t appear to be rational in every regard.


What Can We Learn From Taiwan’s Quarantine Experience?

Judy Chen

A study from Academia Sinica adds to our understanding of the psychological burdens of quarantine.


Can We Still Speak of Civilization?

Two eminent anthropologists with long-standing connections to Taiwan respond to a book review published in The News Lens.


Taiwanese Research Team Identifies Covid-19 Protease Inhibitor

Nicholas Haggerty

Researchers at Academia Sinica announced that they had identified inhibitors of COVID-19 in vitro, laying groundwork for animal and human testing.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer at the Antoine-Lacassagne Cancer Center in Nice

Taiwan Discovers New Drug to Stop Breast Cancer Spreading

TNL 編輯

Taiwan’s Academia Sinica has discovered a new material that can reduce the possibility of cancer cells spreading, lowering the risk of death after a tumor has been removed.

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