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“Haunted by Our Continuing Pain”: Martial Law Survivors React to Marcos Restoration

Michael Beltran

Survivors of martial law in the Philippines gathered in the wake of the restoration of the Marcos family to power. They fear a return of the worst abuses from the era.


Amnesty International Closing Hong Kong Offices Amid Security Concerns

Voice of America

The Hong Kong offices have a sister location in Bangkok. The group continues to conduct research and advocacy work across other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


Myanmar Military Kills Civilians in Indiscriminate Attacks, Amnesty Says

Voice of America

Amnesty International reported that the Myanmar military has indiscriminately bombed civilians, including children in March and April.


CARTOON: Aung San Suu Kyi's Head Buried in the Sand?

Stellina Chen

Aung San Suu Kyi says she does not know why people are fleeing and 'since the fifth of September, there have been no armed clashes and there have been no clearance operations.'


Chinese Law Blog Claims Death Penalty Reform Success

ZiQing Low

Even international human rights NGOs have had to admit to the decline in the number of people sentenced to death in China, according to the blog.

監獄 Prisoner vector silhouette jail people

INFOGRAPHIC: China the World’s Top Executor in 2016

TNL Staff

The number of death sentences and executions in China each year are both in the thousands.


Taiwanese Undeterred Despite Torture Concerns for NGO Worker Detained in China

Edward White

It may be a long road to freedom for the Taiwanese NGO worker detained in China but local political activists say Chinese actions will only strengthen their resolve.


Human Rights Groups Denounce Malaysia for Hanging Murderers

TNL 編輯

As the decapitation of a toddler in Taiwan yesterday angers the public and heats discussion over the death penalty again, Amnesty International has denounced the execution of three men in Malaysia. The Malaysian judicial officials hanged three men to death only two days after informing their families, which was condemned by the Amnesty International for overlooking human rights and adequate process in the legal system.

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