North Korea Nuclear Program


Why US-North Korea Peace Negotiations Have Hit a Diplomatic Wall

East Asia Forum

Diplomatic momentum has hit a standstill as the two sides cannot decide on the implementation of the four articles of the Singapore declaration.

北韓 金正恩

US Slams North Korean Oil, Shipping with Fresh Sanctions


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called on China and Russia to expel illicit actors.


Avoiding War with North Korea

Hitoshi Tanaka

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise. Kim Jong-un has ramped North Korea’s missile and nuclear testing programs and US President Donald Trump has exacerbated the tensions with his tough talk.


North Korea: Time for New Engagement

Jong Kun Choi

Engagement such as humanitarian assistance and cultural exchanges could be the way for South Korea to approach the denuclearization of North Korea, and could restore confidence and trust on both sides.

South Korea - Anti North Korea Nuclear Test Protest

Global Tension and Condemnation Mounting As North Korea Launches Two Missiles

TNL 編輯

Since North Korea performed it fourth nuclear test on January 6, tensions have been mounting in the region. On March 18, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan, leading to strong condemnation from Japan, South Korea and the US.

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