Taiwan diplomatic relations


OPINION: Paraguay May Trigger Diplomatic Avalanche for Taiwan

Antonio C. Hsiang

The Senate of Paraguay voted to maintain diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. But long-term prospects do not look bright.


Has Taiwan's Sunflower Movement Had a Wider International Effect?

Yung Lin

Taiwan's 2014 Sunflower Movement has also influenced the country's diplomatic strategy.


CARTOON: Trump, Bolsonaro, and Taiwan's Looney Friends

Stellina Chen

Taiwan's 17 remaining official allies, along with its larger unofficial friends, make for strange bedfellows.


OPINION: Taiwan's Embrace of Brazil's Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Is Shameful

New Bloom

Taiwan can't criticize China's authoritarianism while continuing its love affair with iron-fisted populists and tyrants.


Can Kosovo Be a Civic Tech Role Model for Taiwan?


The countries have many differences, but share a lack of recognition from the UN – and a spirit of solving problems using civic technology.


Resumption of Diplomatic Relations Between China and The Gambia Leads to New Challenges for ROC

TNL 編輯

Before Taiwan president-elect Tsai Ing-wen officially takes office on May 20, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) announced the resumption of diplomatic relations with The Gambia on March 17. UDN News reports, this is not only a declaration of diplomatic tug-of-war, but also casts shadows on future cross-strait relations.

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