Taiwan-US relations


Explaining the Rumors About Taiwan's Planned F-16 Purchase From the US

TNL Staff

Answering some common questions on Taiwan's request to purchase F-16V fighter jets from the United States.


The 'Realist' Case for the US to Keep Supporting Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

Some US commentators have called for the US to be 'realistic' and compromise with China on Taiwan. But supporting Taiwan is the truly realistic option.


ANALYSIS: After 2 Years, Any Changes in the US-China-Taiwan Relationship?

Taiwan Insight

In engaging with the US, Tsai Ing-wen has stuck to the same script as previous Taiwanese leaders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


OPINION: US Diplomatic Recalls Should Not Inspire Taiwanese Confidence

New Bloom

The US recalled diplomats from countries that dropped recognition of Taiwan, but it’s anyone’s guess who is calling the shots in Washington.


CARTOON: China's Cash for Central American Control

Stellina Chen

China reportedly agreed to provide more than US$27 billion in financing for a port in El Salvador.

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