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Thailand Takes Back Elephant From Sri Lanka Over Abuse Claim

Deutsche Welle

The 29-year-old elephant was flown back home on a flight which cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars. The Sri Lankan prime minister previously apologized to Thailand over the animal's condition.


Japan: Animal Rights Activists Condemn Centuries-Old Ritual

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A shrine in central Japan is defending a popular ritual that often sees the horses taking part mistreated or injured. Animal rights activists say it's about tourism and money, not history.


Proposal to Export Donkey Hides From Pakistan to China Incites Outrage

Waleed Tariq

A donkey export plan drawn up as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has incensed environmentalists and animal rights advocates.


Asia's Rhino Horn Trade is Thriving

John C. Cannon

The Elephant Action League sent undercover investigators into Vietnam, China and several other Asian countries to understand the intricate network involved in getting rhino horn from African countries into the hands of Chinese consumers.


Is Eating Dog Meat Really on the Way Out in Asia?

ZiQing Low

Taiwan's dog meat ban has been welcomed but China’s largest 'dog meat festival' is set to enter its eighth year, and Indonesia sees an increase in dog meat consumption.


FEATURE: Taiwan Stray Dog Adoption Languishing as Shelters Overflow

Rosemary Chen

Taiwan’s new ban on euthanizing stray dogs will lead to more dogs left on the streets if adoption rates don't pick up, animal welfare workers fear.


Alarms Raised as Timber Firm Said to Pierce One of Indonesia’s Last Orangutan Strongholds

Basten Gokkon

Environmentalists are desperately calling for President Joko Widodo’s administration to put a stop to the company’s land clearing in the Sungai Putri forest of Borneo.


Should Hong Kong Keep its Zoo?

Sarah Karacs

The debate around the existence of Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden comes at a time of shifting values towards animal rights in the city and across Asia.


‘We Don’t Always Agree’: A Much-Needed Dialogue on Stray Dog Issues in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

Underfunded and understaffed animal shelters were the focus of a documentary “Twelve Nights” released in 2012. The film sparked public outrage over the practice of euthanasia in stray dog shelters in Taiwan and eventually led to the ban of euthanasia practice that came into effect this February.


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