Why China’s Attempts to Curb Air Pollution are Facing Resistance

Yuan-Ming Chiao

According to a report by Caixin earlier this month, 33 incidents of industry obstructions occurred in more than half the localities under inspection since April.


Are Bike-Sharing Schemes Running Riot?

Liu Qin and Zhang Chun

One year in and bike sharing apps are transforming Chinese cities, but oversight and environmental impacts are a concern.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Climate Change Will Impact Taiwan

Morley J Weston

If you’re worried about rising sea levels, stay out of Yilan


INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan’s Cities are One Giant Heat Sink

Morley J Weston

If you want to keep cool in Taiwan, start growing some rice or fish.


Bihar’s Toxic Textile Industry

Alok Gupta

The textile industry of Patwa Toli is polluting rivers and groundwater in the Indian state of Bihar, but businesses have failed to clean up their act claiming they provide essential jobs


Under the Dome: Why Was It First Praised but Later Censored by Beijing?

Jessie Yang

The ultimate fate of a hugely popular documentary in China shows the limits of press freedom amid the marketization of the media.


China Clears Hangzhou Skies, Silences Critic Ahead of G20 Summit

Hsu Chia-yu

China’s preparations for next week's G20 summit have involved hundreds of factories being shut down and the detention of at least one civil servant.

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