Mind Pollution: How Dirty Air Harms Human Cognition

AsiaGlobal Online

A study shows that air pollution has a massive detrimental impact on human cognition.


'Transboundary Haze': The Seasonal Pollution Plaguing Southeast Asia

AsiaGlobal Online

A researcher says ASEAN states are not doing enough about the region's seasonal pollution problem.


OPINION: Taipei Should Have a Car Free Day

Madeleine Work

Taipei and Taiwan's other cities would benefit enormously from a few days break from the tyranny of the gas-guzzling automobile.


Modernizing Malaysia: The Blessings and Stresses of an Infrastructure Explosion


Malaysia is undertaking a breakneck building spree that is lifting its economy while placing its environment and politics under pressure.


Crops in Central China's Rice Belt Soaked in Toxic Mercury

The Conversation

Fish is often seen as the main source of mercury in food, but the brain damaging pollutant can be absorbed just as easily through rice.


OPINION: Vietnam Grossly Mismanages Its Water Resources

Policy Forum

With a growing population, increasing pollution, extreme weather events and ineffective government, Vietnam is due to face a watery calamity.


Kaohsiung Fights to Reclaim Polluted Ground

Kaohsiung will struggle to get its oil-soaked soil back to baseline.


Pollution and Industrial Smog Cloud Taiwan's Bicycle Paradise

Andrew Kerslake

Taiwan's ambitions to be a cycling paradise are blighted by industrial eyesores and local governments that turn a blind eye to polluters flaunting regulatory loopholes.

water drop

Nano this Plastic Should Be in Our Water

Dinah Gardner

For the first in a regular bi-weekly series on the environment in Taiwan, Green Bulletin interviews the policy head of the Taipei American School's team as they prepare to solve Taiwan's nanoplastic problems for iGEM, a world-leading student synthetic biology competition.

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