China Cuts US$2.7b Fishing Deal With Madagascar, Angering Locals


A fishing rights deal with China has infuriated the people of Madagascar. The sitting president, running for re-election in a vote held on Wednesday (Nov. 7), is right in the thick of it.

遠洋漁船 台灣

Taiwan under Pressure over Illegal Fishing, Human Rights as EU Takes Stock

David Green

A video spotlighting Taiwan's ongoing problems with illegal fishing and human rights abuses aboard its offshore vessels could not have come at a worse time.


Making Diplomatic Waves off the Diaoyutais

TNL Staff

A Taiwanese fishing vessel was water cannoned by Japanese patrol vessels for straying too close to exclusive waters.


Dolphins are Struggling to Survive in Myanmar

Kayla Walsh

Conservationists hope that ecotourism might be the answer to protecting traditional fisheries and the dolphins they partner with.


Vaquita Porpoise Nears Extinction: International Fish Swim Bladder Trade to Blame


The hunt for totoaba and the trade of the fish’s highly valued swim bladders from Mexico through the U.S. to China is decimating a Critically Endangered porpoise called the vaquita.


China Doubles Down on Pacific Fishery

Edward White

China’s exports to the Pacific Islands doubled in the past year as it helps the region boost up its fishing industry.


OP-ED: Time for Taiwanese Politicians to Take Migrant Issues Seriously

Edward White

One in every 10 school children in Taiwan is the child of a migrant worker. How much longer can politicians afford to turn a blind eye to the many problems facing migrants?


Patriotic Taiwanese Fishermen Face Punishment Upon Return from Taiping

Yuan-ling Liang

A group of patriotic Taiwanese fishermen who landed on the disputed Taiping Island a week ago returned to Taiwan today, only to learn they may be punished.


Protecting Pacific Bluefin Tuna

The Japan Times

The Pacific bluefin tuna population has fallen to just 2.6% of its population before large-scale commercial fishing started.


Fearing EU 'Red Flag', Taiwan Passes New Laws on Pelagic Fishing

Chang Shin-wei

Some Taiwanese fishermen fear that the new fines imposed for breaking the law could be ruinous for many of them.

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