Japan Feels the Pinch As Fertilizer Costs Soar Thanks to Russia’s War

The Interpreter

Russia’s war in Ukraine disrupted the flow of resources like natural gas, on which the production of chemical fertilizers relies heavily.


China's New Point Man on North Korea Faces Uphill Battle

Kerry Brown

'Never before has North Korea been more troubling, its nuclear program seemingly more successful than anyone suspected, and the country well on the way, under the maverick young leader Kim Jong-un, to being able to deliver nuclear-loaded ballistics to US assets,' writes Kerry Brown.


Can South Korea's 'Dream Team' Make Ground on North Korean Crisis?

Leif-Eric Easley

Inter-Korean rapprochement is a worthy pursuit, but the Moon administration is right not to sacrifice UN resolutions and US alliance coordination in the process.


Should the Five Eyes Coordinate on Chinese Tech Investment?

John Hemmings

We need to be realistic about Beijing’s own industrial goals and objectives and the nature of its investment strategy, writes John Hemmings.


Turn to Eastern Thinking to Heal the India-China Border Trauma and Avoid Nuclear Tension

L.H.M. Ling

India and China could re-conceive and resolve their simmering border disputes by casting aside traditional power politics and drawing on their shared heritage, L.H.M Ling writes.


Where the India-China Standoff is Going

Shashank Joshi

A diplomatic off-ramp is currently hard to see, but may become easier in the autumn.


How North Korea Could Start a War With America Right Now


As frightening as ICBMs sound, Pyongyang already possesses all the weapons it needs to draw America into a war. The question is whether the US and its allies will continue to strengthen the tools required to deter such a conflict.


PLA Swarms at War: Chinese Advances in Swarm Intelligence

Elsa Kania

PLA strategists expect that future, autonomous combat involving unmanned systems, as well as the joint operations of unmanned and manned systems, will have a dramatic impact on traditional operational models.

North Korean

The Rise of the North Korea Nuclear Threat

Adam P MacDonald

Much remains unknown about the strategy Pyongyang has or will develop to govern the purpose, employment and force structure of its burgeoning nuclear arsenal.

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