Hong Kong Students in Taiwan Condemn "Puppet" Government, Urge: Stop Police Violence

Cat Thomas

As Hong Kong Students held a sit-in solidarity with their compatriots Taiwan's Digital Minister laid the blame for the unrest where it belongs: With the PRC


Chinese Students in Australia Often Feel Isolated, Disappointed

The Interpreter

Chinese students pay big money to study Down Under, but many come away without the cosmopolitan experience they were expecting.


The Rise of Taiwan's College Dropouts

Rosemary Chen

More and more students are dropping out of Taiwan’s most prestigious colleges to follow their passions — and it may not be the worst financial decision they make.


Crime, Racism Tar China-US Study Ties

ZiQing Low

The rapid increase in the number of Chinese students at U.S. universities has brought a wave of social problems, including isolated incidents of crime and racism.

Taiwan Making the Grade

Taiwanese Students Facing Mountains of Debt

TNL 編輯

Almost one million Taiwanese are still paying their student loans. The government has to allocate about about US$92.8 million of its annual budget to subsidize the interest on the loans. The financial challenge has become bigger for those students with debt who cannot find a job with sufficient salary. Students in many other nations are facing similar problems.

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