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US Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Abortion Pill Curbs

Deutsche Welle

The three judges presiding over the decision of restricting the abortion pill mifepristone, are staunchly conservative, with a history of opposing reproductive rights.


China Feminists Face Clampdown, Closure of Online Accounts

Deutsche Welle

Dozens of Chinese feminist social media channels have been abruptly deactivated in recent weeks, triggering anger and fear that women’s rights activists will be systemically denied an online presence.


Singapore’s Government Wants a Conversation on ‘Women Development.’ Here’s What They Don’t Want to Talk About.

Kirsten Han

It’s one thing to boost “women development” — a term with echoes of a “lean in” mentality that places the onus on women to work even harder to succeed in environments predominantly catering to men — but quite another to truly challenge the patriarchy and live up to feminist principles.


South Korea's Abortion Law Revision Plan Sparks Controversy

Deutsche Welle

Conservatives and religious groups are facing off with women's rights organizations in a fierce debate over changes to a 1953 law that makes abortion illegal.


OPINION: Don't Conscript Taiwanese Women Without Addressing Patriarchy


The accomplishments of women in Taiwan's armed forces deserve to be celebrated. Its appalling patriarchal orthodoxy, on the other hand, does not.


OPINION: Why I'm Marching for Women in Taiwan

Vanessa Wang

'A woman is not defined by society, a woman is as equal as any other gender, and that’s what it’s all about.'


How Text Messages are Saving the Lives of Indian Mothers

Sarita Santoshini

'It shouldn’t matter where we live or what community we belong to. We don’t deserve to die.'


Like Mother Like Daughter? A Housekeeper's Tale in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

'It’s easy to see why Yuyun was so eager to spare Rani her fate.'


It’s Time to Give China’s Single Mothers Their Rights

Chen Dan

We must end discrimination against the growing number of women having children outside of marriage.


Foreigners and Taiwanese Unite for Women’s Rights

Keith Menconi

'I think what makes this event special is that we’re actually uniting Taiwanese people and foreigners.'

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