China’s Women ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’

The Interpreter

Entrenched gender inequality and the heavy hand of censors can no longer silence female voices in China.


China Feminists Face Clampdown, Closure of Online Accounts

Deutsche Welle

Dozens of Chinese feminist social media channels have been abruptly deactivated in recent weeks, triggering anger and fear that women’s rights activists will be systemically denied an online presence.


Women and Students Are Leading India's Citizenship Protests

Shalmoli Halder

In India, women are leading protests against the government's discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act by staging indefinite sit-ins.


India's New Law to Protect Muslim Women Divides Feminist Groups

The Conversation

India passed a law criminalizing "triple talaq" — the controversial Muslim practice of instant divorce — and making it punishable with up to three years in prison. But Muslim women in the country are divided over the court ruling.


China's Fourth Wave of Feminism: Despite Censorship, #MeToo Perseveres

Policy Forum

Feminism has a long history in China, but #MeToo has met a wall of state and societal censorship.


Shame, Pleasure and Affirmative Consent

Sandee Woodside

From Washington to Taipei, allegations of rape are kick-starting conversations about consent and feminine sexual pleasure.


OPINION: Don't Conscript Taiwanese Women Without Addressing Patriarchy


The accomplishments of women in Taiwan's armed forces deserve to be celebrated. Its appalling patriarchal orthodoxy, on the other hand, does not.


PHILIPPINES: Is the #BabaeAko Movement Really About Duterte?

Coco Dollanganger

The #BabaeAko movement grew out of anger with the misogyny of President Duterte - or so we thought. Many Filipino women resent efforts to politicize their struggle for equality.


Philippine Women Protest President Duterte's Toxic Masculinity

Global Voices

The Philippine president's chauvinism has crossed a line with critics.


INTERVIEW: Meimeiwawa’s Esther Veronin on Feminism in Taiwan

Jocelle Koh

Ahead of a Girl Power Concert in Taichung, Esther Veronin traces her journey from starting out in Taiwan's male-dominated entertainment industry to becoming a feminist icon.

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