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白宮網站請願任WHO秘書長 陳時中:博君一笑

The Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Taiwan's Disease Prevention Diplomacy

Abby Huang

Taiwan has been "making friends" with other countries by various means even though it cannot export face masks and other supplies. What can Taiwan provide at the moment?


Has Taiwan's Sunflower Movement Had a Wider International Effect?

Yung Lin

Taiwan's 2014 Sunflower Movement has also influenced the country's diplomatic strategy.


ANALYSIS: Taiwan's Diplomatic Struggle in Latin America

R. Evan Ellis

As the potential of a KMT government in 2020 looms large in the thinking of Latin American governments loyal to Taipei, the US has an important role to play in the continuance of Taiwan's diplomatic presence in the region.


CARTOON: Trump, Bolsonaro, and Taiwan's Looney Friends

Stellina Chen

Taiwan's 17 remaining official allies, along with its larger unofficial friends, make for strange bedfellows.


The Taiwan Coast Guard's South China Sea Challenge

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan is bulking up its coast guard, but the scope of ROC territory necessitates some tough decisions for its commanders.


Can Kosovo Be a Civic Tech Role Model for Taiwan?


The countries have many differences, but share a lack of recognition from the UN – and a spirit of solving problems using civic technology.


As Taiwan’s Diplomatic Allies Dwindle, Students Are Caught in a Geopolitical Tug of War

J. Zach Hollo

Taiwan rewards diplomatic allies with scholarships for students to study at Taiwanese universities. When those countries switch diplomatic recognition to Beijing, Taiwan cuts the funds, leaving students to scramble.

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