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Maria Ressa acquitted of final tax evasion charge

Deutsche Welle

Maria Ressa, the renowned investigative journalist of Rappler, has faced multiple legal disputes, which she claims are politically motivated. Despite the acquittal, she still faces two additional legal battles.

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A New Platform Monitoring Press Freedom in Southeast Asia

Global Voices

A new platform named was set up to monitor press freedom in Southeast Asia, and this year 73 cases of violation of rights were recorded.


‘Love Letter’ From Australian Journalist Jailed in China

Voice of America

“I haven't seen a tree in three years,” said Cheng Lei, the Australian journalist who has been detained in China for three years, in a letter to the people in her home country.

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It’s Getting Harder To Be a Journalist in Hong Kong, Survey Finds

Voice of America

In the survey, 83% of respondents said the landscape for reporters in Hong Kong has worsened in the past 18 months.


Journalist Maria Ressa Fights on for Press Freedom

Deutsche Welle

Philippine investigative journalist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa warns how disinformation campaigns are eroding democracy at home — and globally.


South Korea Fights ‘Fake News,’ but Critics Claim It’s Gagging the Press

Voice of America

A proposed revision to the Press Arbitration Act, backed by South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party, would significantly expand the ability of courts to punish accredited reporters and media outlets deemed to have intentionally published false information.


How a Young Journalist Was Detained in the Philippines Throughout the Pandemic

Michael Beltran

Frenchie Mae Cumpio’s incarceration has come to represent the challenges facing young journalists in the Philippines since President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration took office in 2016.


Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster Is on Its Way To Become a Government Mouthpiece

Global Voices

Shows are being censored, journalists are being forced to resign, and even social media posts are being deleted.


Why Is Singapore Falling Behind in Press Freedom?

Deutsche Welle

Police in Singapore are investigating the New Naratif media outlet, founded by academic and athlete PJ Thum, for publishing unauthorized paid advertisements on Facebook during the July 2020 election campaign.


Philippines Orders Leading TV Network to Halt Operations

Voice of America

Philippines' ABS-CBN Corp., which frequently criticized President Rodrigo Duterte, was ordered to stop operating because its license expired; critics call the move an assault on press freedom.

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