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Czech Republic


The Czech Republic Leads on Taiwan, but the EU Won’t Follow

East Asia Forum

While the EU and its member states are changing their approach toward Taiwan, the level of Czech engagement likely will remain unmatched.


Where Will Prague’s China Policy Go With the New President?

Global Voices

Czech President Miloš Zeman once hailed the Belt and Road Initiative as “the most important project in our modern history.” Not anymore after the elections.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 3): Taiwan’s Economy and Profits Have Stagnated Because Wages Have Not Recovered from the 1997 Crisis

Roy Ngerng

The 1997 Asian financial crisis is a distant memory to most countries. But Taiwan hasn’t fully recovered from it because wages have been kept low.


Soviet-era Memories Shape European Lawmakers’ View of China and Taiwan

Voice of America

“Lithuania has suffered badly under the Soviet communist regime,” a parliamentarian said. “Unfortunately, what the Chinese government is doing, on many levels, is worse.”


Why Are Czech Elites Being Captured by Beijing Narratives?

Global Voices

Since its independence, the Czech Republic has experienced remarkable changes in its relations with China.

捷克團離台 維特齊與游錫堃碰肘致意

“I Am a Taiwanese”: Eastern Europeans See a Cold War in East Asia

The Interpreter

Memories of life under authoritarianism forge ties between Taiwan and a growing number of Eastern European states.

捷克參議院議長維特齊率團訪台 手臂互碰取代握手

China’s 'Coercive Diplomacy' Backfires as Czech Delegation Visits Taiwan

Voice of America

In defiance of China, a delegation led by Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil, arrived in Taiwan on a six-day visit – the highest-level exchange between the two countries to cement economic and cultural ties.

與北京姊妹市協定納一中條款 賀瑞普:盼廢除

Czech Delegation Including Prague Mayor to Visit Taiwan in August

TNL Staff

Prague's Taiwan-friendly mayor Zdeněk Hřib will join a contingent of Czech politicians visiting Taiwan at the end of August.

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