CARTOON: ROC or PRC? Philippines Apologizes for Logo Misuse

Stellina Chen

The Philippines accidentally ran the risk of hurting the feelings of the Chinese people by using Taiwan's Ministry of Defense logo at an event to celebrate warming ties between the Philippines and China.


Six Independent Accessory Design Shops in Taipei

TNL 編輯

'Good Eye Taipei' shares six design accessory shops in Taipei you might not have heard of before.


Virtual Life Transforming Saigon's Public Spaces


The tension between open spaces and private, walled-off zones is brought to attention as Saigon continues to rapidly grow and develop.


Startup Lessons with Taiwan’s ‘Adobe-Killer’

TNL Staff

Ten questions with the co-founder and CEO of Vectr.


Noticing Tweaks, Communicating Universal Concepts, and Offering Value in Design

Olivia Yang

Four acclaimed designers from different countries gathered yesterday to share their experiences and ideology of design.


The Cultural Functioning of Chinese Architectural ‘Knock-off’ Practices

Dr. Chris Brisbin

China's reputation as the 'knock-off' nation has been taken to new heights.


[PHOTO STORY] A Redesigned Chinese Medicine Shop in Taipei

Kathy Cheng

The popularity of Chinese medicine has been waning, but this traditional medicine clinic is rejuvenating itself through interior design.


Taiwanese Packaging Design Shines at International Design Awards

Chang Shin-wei

Innovative and practical Taiwan fish packaging design picks up nine international awards.

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