Hong Kong protest


One Year On, Hongkongers Changed but Unmoved

Daphne K. Lee

On the one year anniversary of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, the media's rush to pronounce the "end of Hong Kong" doesn't consider the changes the protest has brought about among Hongkongers — or the long term.


Hong Kong Police Blockade Legislature Ahead of National Anthem Vote

Voice of America

Hong Kong's legislative complex was the site of clashes between protesters and police ahead of discussions of a controversial bill that would make disrespecting China's national anthem a crime.


Hong Kong's Civil Resilience Shines Through a 'Stargazing Night'

Daphne K. Lee

Hongkongers had a night off from the protests and put on a spectacular light show together.


Carrie Lam Says Protesters Pushed Hong Kong to the "Verge of a Very Dangerous Situation"


Carrie Lam condemns protesters in Hong Kong for causing disruption with a citywide strike.


Legislature Occupation in Hong Kong Prompts Sunflower Comparison

New Bloom

Hong Kong protestors stormed the legislature, drawing similarities to Sunflower Movement.


"My Hope Has Been Reignited" – Hong Kong's Youth Reflect on Protests

William Yang

Following weeks of record-breaking turnouts at anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong, one protest ended with thousands of protesters throwing eggs at the police headquarters while drawing graffiti on the walls as the government continued to ignore their demands. William Yang was on the ground in Hong Kong speaking to protesters as 2 million took to the streets.

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