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Malaysia press freedom protest

Threats to Online Expression Plague South Asia

GlobalVoices 全球之聲

From internet shutdowns to killings of journalists, clampdowns on internet freedoms are on the rise across the region.


CARTOON: No 'ROC' for Chinese Media

TNL Staff

'Taiwan is a province of China,' reads one rule. 'But taking the feelings of our Taiwan compatriots into account, now we generally don’t call it "Taiwan Province," and more often use "Taiwan Region" or "Taiwan."'


Thai Media Groups: Proposed Law Could Bring Total Government Control of the Press

Mong Palatino

'It is also a major step backward of more than 20 years of the media reform process that the Thai journalist community fought for to democratize media space from state monopoly, and toward diversity and access to information.'


China’s Latest Website Rules Shows Beijing is ‘Re-Centralizing News’

Edward White

China’s move to tighten control of online news portals is just the latest effort by Beijing to assert party dominance over original news and other content.

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