Film Festival Highlights Debate over Death Penalty in Taiwan

Mo Tz-pin

A group opposed to capital punishment hopes to raise awareness on the controversial issue through films and after-screening discussions.


Taiwan Knows What's Wrong With Its Film Industry. So Why Isn't It Changing?

Olivia Yang

A South Korean box office hit has set off a flurry of discussions about the state of Taiwan's film industry.


China’s Film Industry: Blocked by its Own Great Wall

Leung Wing-fai

Chinese cinema enjoys private capital and state support, but the industry still lacks exportable brand names by way of stars or studios.


Taiwanese Flock to See Controversial Hong Kong Film

Yuan-ling Liang

Banned in China, the controversial Hong Kong film 'Ten Years' is enjoying good play time in Taiwan.


Malaysian Actor Boycotts Film Festival Over Awards Segregation


A well-known Malaysian actor and filmmaker is protesting racial segregation at a major film awards.


Using Free Sex to Expose Sexual Abuse in China

Jonathan Landreth

A Q&A with Nanfu Wang, director of the documentary ‘Hooligan Sparrow’.


Tibetan Filmmaker Arrested in China

Chang Shin-wei

The detention and possible mistreatment of an award-winning Tibetan filmmaker comes as international politicians appear to be running out of patience with China’s human rights abuses.

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