Kung-Fu Yoga: China's Soft Power Drive Goes Awry

Reviews have slammed it as a "mangled mess" and a "snoozefest masquerading as a film," but what else does it say about China's soft power drive?


The Forgotten 'China Girls' Hidden at the Beginning of Old Films

Sarah Laskow

Used as quality control, these haunting images were never meant to be public.


Taiwan Filmmaker Denies ‘Pro-Independence’ Claim by Chinese Media

ZiQing Low

The Taiwanese director is now being accused of bowing to Chinese pressure.


INTERVIEW: A Peak of Film Productions in the 'Theater State' of North Korea

Cinema Escapist

In a special in-depth interview, author and filmmaker Paul Fischer discusses his book about North Korean cinema and how perception and propaganda define the isolated state.


Taiwanese Star Fired from Chinese Movie for 'Separatism'

Mo Tz-pin

Another day, another Taiwanese artist barred from performing in China.


How 'All the President's Men' Defined the Look of Journalism on Screen

Andy Wright

As we enter the final leg of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, let us examine one of the iconic film portrayals of press and politics.


‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes

Kira-Anne Pelican

If film adaptations of traditional Chinese tales are to succeed, they must appeal to universal cultural norms.

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