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5 Innovative Taiwanese Startups You Should Know

David Evans

After some years of a stagnant growth in the tech sector, Taiwanese startups are on the rise again.


​​OPINION: Taiwan Needs to Keep Up With the Libra Bandwagon

Hsin Hsiao

Facebook is on the cusp of launching its cryptocurrency Libra, and Taiwan should prepare for it.


ANALYSIS: Why the Asian Tigers Don't Have Their Own Silicon Valley

Policy Forum

Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan are still far from adapting to the digital age and embracing the knowledge economy.


Q&A: Pi Square, the Taiwan Startup Rendering Animations in Real-Time

Olivia Yang

'Years ago, people didn’t understand why we wanted to do this. Now everyone wants to do it and we have it. Animators can render their images in real time and they are in high quality.'


Q&A: Pointimize, the Startup Making it Easy to Use Your Credit Card Rewards for Travel

Olivia Yang

'What we want to do is compile all the information on what hotels and flights you can redeem with your credit card reward points,' says Keith Wang, co-founder and CEO of Pointimize.


Q&A: PicSee, the Taiwan Startup Making You Click on More Links

Olivia Yang

This Taiwan startup is increasing the chances of people actually clicking on the links you share.


Q&A: SurveyCake, the Online Survey Tool for Enterprises

Olivia Yang

'We know that we can’t compete with Google in the general consumers’ market, so we are targeting and reaching out to enterprises through doing 2C,' says SurveyCake founder Alex Liu.


Q&A: CakeResume, Creating the Interactive Resumes of the Future

Olivia Yang

'In the internet era, you probably need more multimedia elements if you are creating an online document, which is hard to layout with Google Docs. If I can optimize CakeResume to be as stable as Google Docs, then it will be the editor of a new generation.'


Q&A: U-GYM, The Portable Deep Massager from Taiwan

Olivia Yang

Lack of restoration and maintenance after working out can lead to serious injuries, and Taiwan startup U-GYM is aiming to help in maintaining daily health care.

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