How a Taiwanese Baseball Player Strengthens Taiwan-Japan Relations

Nelson Chung

Wang Po-jung’s action serves as an example of how non-state actors can contribute to diplomacy.


What Baseball Says About Taiwanese Culture and Identity

Nelson Chung

As Taiwanese players have been shining on the baseball diamond these days, it may be a great time to examine the issues relating to Taiwanese culture and identity that linger over the local baseball scene.


How Major Sports Are Returning in South Korea

Deutsche Welle

South Korea's baseball and soccer competitions will kick off this week, providing global sports fans with rare live action. But both leagues will be operating under strict Covid-19 guidelines.


Everything You Need to Know About Taiwan’s Baseball Teams

Sean Kramer

A guide to choosing a team to support for Taiwan's 2020 CPBL season.

游霆崴優質先發 悍將中止連敗

How a Taiwanese Baseball League Opened Its 2020 Season Despite Covid-19

Voice of America

Taiwan's baseball league is the only one still running in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

AP_17068363760036 2017棒球經典賽

Foreign Baseball Players in Taiwan Hit Sweet Spot

Imported players are a hit in Taiwan’s professional baseball league, writes Tim Ferry.


‘Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei’ Banner Ripped Down by Baseball Officials

Yuan-ling Liang

The Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has been accused of ripping down pro-Taiwan independence banners at an international baseball game.

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