AI Protein Database Reveal is “a Great Leap” for Biology

Deutsche Welle

The transformative AlphaFold neural network has predicted the structures of more than 350,000 proteins from various organisms. This could “fundamentally change biological research.”


How Taiwan’s Cram Schools Have Struggled to Adapt

Jonathan Hum

When Taiwan went on semi-lockdown, many cram schools moved to remote learning. The process, many teachers report, has not been as smooth as it could have been.


OPINION: America Is Playing Defense vs China on Tech Innovation

East Asia Forum

The US must invest more in research and development to retain its technological edge.


Drones, Data and Preempting Epidemics

AsiaGlobal Online

Data and technology is transforming epidemiology, but the field still has many unanswered ethical questions.


New Technologies are Changing the Story of Migrant Labor

Johan Lindquist

Mobile phones and budget airlines have transformed the way migrant brokerages operate, but the world lacks an understanding of how the migration process itself takes shape.


Does Shenzhen Dream of a Techno-utopia?

Michael Keane

The Chinese Communist Party has worked hard to convince a 'born digital generation' that they represent the future rejuvenation of China while hindering the flow of foreign ideas.


The Growing Market for Cross-Language Apps

Chen Na

As technology advances, translation apps aimed at leveling language barriers proliferate but often fall short.


Mulling the Cost of China Winning the AI Race

Oiwan Lam

'Both Chinese and foreign experts reckon that China has the most advanced — and cheapest — AI-enabled surveillance technology in the world.'

hand touching digital tablet, social media concept

Taiwan's Cities Get Smart: Embracing Internet of Things

New smart-city digital technologies involving the Internet of Things are being adopted by the nation’s largest cities and could help spur economic development through industrial transformation. Some of the leading examples so far are the eTag electronic toll collection system, the EasyCard payment platform, and the Wi-Fi system on the Taoyuan Metro. Under planning is a smart-machinery center in Taichung.


Who is Winning the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race?

Andrej Zwitter

Cyberspace is now a territory where politics, economics, and foreign affairs are all contested – and Internet bots driven by artificial intelligence have emerged as key new actors, Andrej Zwitter writes.

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