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Hollywood Is Making More Movies, TV Shows About Asian Americans

Voice of America

Hollywood TV shows and movies featuring Asian Americans help the diaspora community identify with themselves and hedge against stereotypes of Asian identities in the Western world.


'Parasite' Makes Another Leap for South Korea's Cultural Economy

Daphne K. Lee

The viral success of "Parasite" marks another one of South Korea's successful cultural exports. Many critics credit the film's popularity to its universal story of urban poverty, but it goes far beyond the plot twists.


Chinese Film 'Wolf Warriors 2' Speaks to Overseas Chinese

Cinema Escapist

'Wolf Warriors 2' breathes new life into the Chinese action genre and appeals to foreign-born Chinese in the process.


Why Chinese Sci-Fi Fans Are into Homegrown Heroes

Wu Shuang

Film and literary protagonists wield ancient philosophy to ward off alien invasions.


Can China Save Hollywood?


Chinese tastes are changing U.S. films as studios woo audiences abroad.


Hollywood Taught My College Class in China the Perils of Obsession

Nicholas Z. Scott

The plot of ‘Whiplash’ posed my Chinese students an unsettling question: Why, exactly, do you work so hard?


One of the First Hollywood Heartthrobs Was a Smoldering Japanese Actor. What Happened?

Rachel King

Today, there aren't many Asian film hunks. But in 1915, Sessue Hayakawa was among the first sex symbols.


Leo Told to Resign as UN Messenger over Links to Malaysia'a 1MDB


'Leonardo DiCaprio has consistently refused to explain his close personal and financial ties with key persons of the Malaysian 1MDB scandal.'


Report: Robert De Niro Linked to Malaysia Corruption Lawsuits in US


'I'm aware of it, but I don't give a s**t': De Niro on his link to Malaysia's corruption scandal.


Warcraft Character to be Unveiled in Taichung

Tashken Davlet

A character from a popular video game will soon be a permanent fixture in Taichung.

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