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Chinese Movie Studio Upturned Its Business Model Due to Coronavirus

The Conversation

The coronavirus outbreak has shut down movie theaters during Lunar New Year, causing movie studios with New Year screenings to lose billions of dollars. But one of them thought of a brilliant alternative.


ANALYSIS: The Rise of China's Anti-Foreigner Commercial Nationalism

Asia Dialogue

China has greenlighted a flurry of movies and TV series with nationalist, anti-foreigner themes. The ratings and box office numbers suggest that domestic audiences are gobbling them up.


CARTOON: No 'ROC' for Chinese Media

TNL Staff

'Taiwan is a province of China,' reads one rule. 'But taking the feelings of our Taiwan compatriots into account, now we generally don’t call it "Taiwan Province," and more often use "Taiwan Region" or "Taiwan."'


China's New Foreign Correspondents Go Into the Fray

Shixin Ivy Zhang

Chinese foreign correspondents and war correspondents may be a major force and agents in China’s soft power public diplomacy. But being Chinese does not bring many benefits to practicing journalists.


China Has Tightened Its Grip on Online News With Sweeping New Controls


China’s Cyberspace Administration will now require most online news and media outlets to obtain a license from the government.


How China’s Media Saw Li Keqiang’s Australian Visit

Jackson Kwok

Chinese state media coverage of the premier’s visit aimed to promote China as a champion of global free trade and open markets.


Behind China's Global Propaganda Campaign

Shuhei Omi

'The Party wants to fundamentally change the conversation at the global level so as to defend China’s interests abroad and reinforce the ideological consensus at home.'


LGBT Content Banned On Chinese Television As Xi Enforces New Media Policies

TNL 編輯

China’s media policy has begun tightening after Xi Jinping’s announcement of centralizing communication platforms. Popular Chinese LGBT online television dramas have also been removed due to their content not passing the new regulations.

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