Taiwan military


Experts Say Taiwan Needs More Homegrown Military Efforts

Voice of America

Though Washington plans a new round of weapons sales to Taiwan, defense analysts say that the country needs to further develop its domestic arms industry and enhance its reserve system.


Weak Military Training Leaves Taiwanese Draftees Unprepared for War

Allen Chen

Taiwan’s national defense is in a weak state because of its inefficient military training program for conscripted soldiers.


Taiwan Is Building Long Range Cruise Missiles That Aim Deep Inside China

Paul Huang

By empowering its cruise missile program, Taiwan is taking its gloves off in its cross-Strait standoff.


US Defense Act Angers China, Reaffirms Status Quo for Taiwan

Nick Aspinwall

The Taiwan provisions in the annual United States defense act change little, but there may be substance beneath the symbolism which further deepens US-Taiwan military ties.

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