Great Firewall


What Clubhouse Achieved When It Slipped Behind China’s Firewall

Daphne K. Lee

The tolerant and open space on Clubhouse, however short-lived, prefigured a world in which prejudice and regional conflicts can be resolved, or at least managed to a less volatile level, through dialogue.


China’s Online Meddling Goes Beyond the Great Firewall

The Interpreter

Supporting the human rights movement in China should include fostering a fact-based Chinese-language information environment in which activists can get reliable news and analysis.


When People Disappear in China, They Also Disappear on WeChat

Global Voices

When Ye Jianming, former chairman of CEFC China Energy, disappeared, censors got to work scrubbing his name from WeChat.


China’s ‘Little Pink’ Army Is Gearing Up to Invade the Internet

Jana Meisenholder

Take a moment to understand the '50 Cent Party,' the 'Little Pinks,' and China's influence merchants.


Reddit Users Hit Back at US$150m Tencent Investment With Censorship Memes

Oiwan Lam

Reddit users are voicing their opposition to Chinese-style censorship with memes.


Chinese Internet Users React After Authorities Target Citizens for Using VPNs

Oiwan Lam

Netizens are worried after authorities fined a Guangdong resident for using a VPN.


China’s VPN Ban Takes Effect but Cat-and-Mouse Game Continues

Morley J Weston

This is not the first volley fired against virtual private networks, but stricter enforcement means that data leaving China is about to become less secure.

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