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The Death Penalty Makes Us Forget Our Humanity. Don’t Let It.

Kirsten Han

When fighting against the cold machinery of death, we must all the more cling on to empathy and care for one another.


The Looming Execution of Abdul Kahar Is Inequality and Injustice Taken to Its Extreme Conclusion

Kirsten Han

Abolitionists often say that capital punishment is a system in which those without capital get the punishment. Abdul Kahar’s case is a perfect illustration of this.


SINGAPORE: 1 Week, 6 Executions, No Political Will for Change

The Interpreter

On Oct. 26, Singapore executed Malaysian citizen Prabu N. Pathmanathan despite protests from the Malaysian government.


Execution Indicates Lethal Shift in Royal Attitudes to Death Penalty in Thailand

New Mandala

The execution of a man by lethal injection indicates a change in royal attitudes to the death penalty in Thailand.


Debating the Death Penalty for Raping Young Girls in India

Shuriah Niazi

In reaction to headline grabbing cases and alarming statistics the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is on the verge of introducing the death sentence for sexual assaults of young girls.


Life Sentence, Not Death Penalty, for ‘Random Killing’ in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Today's decision is significant for Taiwan where human rights groups believe defendants with mental health issues have been executed because of serious flaws in the court system.

監獄 Prisoner vector silhouette jail people

INFOGRAPHIC: China the World’s Top Executor in 2016

TNL Staff

The number of death sentences and executions in China each year are both in the thousands.


Mental Health Issues Mishandled in 10 Death Penalty Cases in Taiwan

Edward White

Four of the cases uncovered in the report involve defendants who have been executed.

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