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ANALYSIS: The Xi Supremacy and Its Impact on Africa

The Conversation

The machinations of China's leadership in Zhongnanhai will be felt from Cairo to Capetown.


How will the US React to China's First Overseas Military Base?

Michael Edward Walsh

American officials are increasingly frustrated by the way that Chinese military officials approach their interactions with their U.S. counterparts.


Deconstructing China’s Indian Ocean Power Play

China’s new military base could be the first step in the country dramatically increasing its military presence in the Indian Ocean, David Brewster and Anthony Bergin write.


Why Djibouti Matters: China Sends Troops to First Permanent Base Abroad

Peter Wood

The Djibouti support base is likely just the first of many as China improves its ability to protect the trade routes that form the vital arteries of its economy.

A man reads a board extolling China's contribution to the fight against Ebola, in Monrovia

China’s Military Expansion Into Africa

Jeffrey Tsai

·China is expanding its military in light of national interests in the African region. ·This may signal China’s desire to increase international participation.

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