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Taiwanese start-ups


FunNow Thrives in Taiwan's Domestic Tourism Recovery

Daphne K. Lee

While most tourism-adjacent businesses have been battered by Covid-19, FunNow's focus on the domestic market has been key to its unlikely success.


This Taiwanese Company Had a Contact Tracing Solution Before Covid-19

Daphne K. Lee

Demand for tracking devices has surged during Covid-19. Founders of Taiwan-based THLight Co. explain why.


Investments in Taiwanese Start-ups Nearly Tripled in 2015

TNL 編輯

In 2015, 29 Taiwanese start-ups received investments of more than US$450 million in total, which is almost triple the amount estimated in 2014. The considerable growth in incoming capitals shows that Taiwanese start-ups are attracting more attention from international venture capitalists, and actual investments are also increasing.

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