On the Use of Digital Identity in Asia (1) – Digital ID in Taiwan


Taiwan's plan to issue digital identification cards in July has been suspended due to calls to establish a legal basis. But civic organizations have raised other concerns for the policy.


Data, Propaganda and Cambridge Analytica in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

In Taiwan's open society, government and political groups have embraced the use of Facebook as a barometer of public sentiment.


Taiwan and the GDPR: Are We Ready?

Taiwan will not be European regulators primary target when it comes to enforcing the GDPR.


Drones, Data and Preempting Epidemics

AsiaGlobal Online

Data and technology is transforming epidemiology, but the field still has many unanswered ethical questions.

監獄_坐牢_Thinking man Shadow Under Jail Bars.

Japan's Plans to Penalize Uncommitted Crimes

The Japan Times

The potential law amendment will widen government surveillance of its citizens and is being questioned for intruding people’s privacy.


OPINION: Japan Expanding Scope of Wiretapping

The Japan Times

The police are being handed expanded wiretapping powers. Where should the line be drawn to prevent such measures from going too far?


PRC Authorities Allowed to Secretly Seize Social Media Data for Criminal Evidence

Olivia Yang

Big Brother: A new law in China allows law enforcement officials to seize 'digital data' for evidence in criminal cases. Opponents say the law is another serious threat to privacy and free speech.


Sex, Lies and Wang Baoqiang

Chublic Opinion

Inadvertently, by displaying his flawed marriage to millions of viewers, 'dumb root' poses a not so dumb ethical conundrum that proves challenging for a society constantly renegotiating the borderline between private autonomy and the collective purpose as a community.

Invigilators look at monitor screens showing students taking the National College Entrance Exams at a high school in Suining

New Surveillance Technology Applied To Enhance Urban Transportation Safety

TNL 編輯

An intelligent surveillance system is planned to be applied to urban transportation in Taiwan, which may reduce risks of anti-social actions.

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