China and Taiwan Are Big Pacific Donors – ButNot for Gender Equality

The Interpreter

China and Taiwan’s aid to the Pacific region between 2008 and 2020 was geared towards infrastructure, security and agriculture, with minimal investment in gender equality initiatives.


Where Are the Women in Chinese Politics?

East Asia Forum

The National People’s Congress is the only national-level political institution in China that has adopted some form of gender quota, but today women only make up 26.54% of the congress.


Taiwan Might Be a Country for Women in Politics. Can It Be So in Business?

Bryan Chou

Female executives governed less than 14% of Taiwan’s listed companies, a report shows.


Marginalized Female Migrant Workers Prone to Radicalization

'Radicalization through religion need not be the more attractive path out of socio-economic disenchantment for marginalized women,' writes Tamara Nair and Alan Chong.


The Banned 1910s Japanese Magazine that Started a Feminist Movement

Sarah Laskow

'Bluestockings' was the pioneering feminist magazine for young women of Meiji-era Japan.


Are Women the Key to Stopping Terrorism in Asia?

Jacqui True

Governments should provide support for both international and national women’s organisations working to stabilize communities and prevent terrorism and violent extremism.


Unveiling China's Women Judges

Anqi Shen

Who are women judges in China? What do they do? What are their roles and positions in the Chinese judicial profession? These questions help us to get to know female judicial officers in post-Mao China.


Indonesia's House of Grace Gives a New Lease on Life to Young Women

Camely Arta

House of Grace cooperates with another non-profit Bandungwangi, which has been reaching out to vulnerable girls and traffic and sexual violence.


Taiwan’s Domestic Violence Epidemic: Abuse Reported Every 5 Minutes

Edward White

Suffering in silence: statistics from the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation expose alarming rates of domestic violence in Taiwan, mostly against women.


What Sex Workers Can Tell Us About China’s Transformation

Qian Jinghua

Scholar Ding Yu explains how sex work reflects changing times, from ‘xiaojie’ to ‘compensated dating.’

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