Why Xi Jinping Is Still Willing To Wear the Costs of Zero-Covid

East Asia Forum

Surging cases, faltering health infrastructure, and a wave of self-isolation in China could produce more acute labor shortages and supply chain disruptions than zero-Covid.


Covid in Asia: The Immediate Payoff of Donating Vaccines

The Interpreter

The latest Lowy Institute Asia Power Index shows China and India received markedly less goodwill than other major donors, despite giving significant numbers of doses in total.


Taiwan’s Covid-19 Vaccine Struggles

East Asia Forum

Two lessons emerge from Taiwan’s experience with Covid-19 — even the best measures get eroded over time by complacency and fatigue, and it is nearly impossible to be safe from the virus without adequate vaccine deployment.


Covid: Japan Suspends 1.6 Million Moderna Vaccine Doses

Deutsche Welle

The move came "out of an abundance of caution" after reported contamination in some of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine vials in Japan, the company said.


Singaporeans Are Upset About Covid Restrictions. Will They Notice Migrant Workers?

Kirsten Han

There are likely more people upset about being blocked from going to a restaurant or a gym, because of their vaccination status, than people upset about the prolonged and unfair confinement of tens of thousands of men regardless of their vaccination status.


Overcoming the Next Challenges in Taiwan’s Vaccination Campaign

Patrick Ng

As Taiwan’s government is stepping up to secure vaccine supplies from global manufacturers, it should boost confidence in domestically-produced vaccines by asking the companies to kick off Phase III trials.

捷克團離台 維特齊與游錫堃碰肘致意

“I Am a Taiwanese”: Eastern Europeans See a Cold War in East Asia

The Interpreter

Memories of life under authoritarianism forge ties between Taiwan and a growing number of Eastern European states.


Indonesia: Indigenous Groups Face Covid Vaccine Barriers

Deutsche Welle

Just under 1% of Indonesia's 17 million Indigenous people have been vaccinated. Bureaucratic and geographical obstacles are to blame for the low rate of inoculation.


Report: China Considering Foreign Booster Shot to Improve Efficacy of Its Vaccines

Voice of America

Experts suggest such a move might not dissipate the goodwill China gained from donating or selling doses to other countries.


The KMT’s Vaccine Politics

Hiro Fu

The KMT has attacked all aspects of Taiwan’s vaccine policy, but it failed to garner support at every turn due to a lack of party-wide coordination.

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