Coronavirus Digest: Israel Finds Vaccine Booster Lowers Infection Risk

Deutsche Welle

People over 60 saw significantly improved protection from infection and serious illness compared with those who received two shots, Health Ministry data found.


How Many Antibodies Does It Take To Be Immune to the Coronavirus?

Deutsche Welle

Antibodies are important for a vaccination to work, but scientists don't yet know what level they must reach. The new delta variant poses another problem.


Make Vaccines Accessible

Shen-yi Liao

Taiwan’s government has made vaccination financially available. It’s time to make it accessible.


OPINION: Girls in Hong Kong Will Get Free HPV Shots. What About Boys?

Nelson Lau

Hong Kong will vaccinate schoolgirls against HPV. It should vaccinate boys as well.


Life-Saving Horses in Taiwan Retiring, for Better or Worse

Olivia Yang

The retirement of horses after they have been used to provide serum for human vaccination has caught the attention of animal rights watchers in Taiwan.


14 Taiwanese People Die Of H1N1 In A Week; CDC Giving Out Free Medication

Zou Chi

Remember the H1N1 panic in 2010? A new type of H1N1 has been spreading this winter and the CDC is implementing precaution methods before it gets even more serious.


Breast Cancer Vaccine Trials Prove Scientific Success, But Not Legal

Zou Chi

The results of a blind trial on a newly developed breast cancer vaccine, OBI-822, bear scientific and medical importance, but the drug is not allowed a permit under current regulations because it did not pass clinical trials. If OBI-822 passes future trials, Taiwan would be the first country in the world to develop a carbohydrate-based vaccine for breast cancer.

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