Orchid Island


INTERVIEW: '10 Years Taiwan' Directors Dish on Taiwan's Future and Its Present

Nick Aspinwall

The News Lens caught up with '10 Years Taiwan' directors Lekal Sumi and Rina Tsou, who discussed what inspired them as directors and how Taiwan can avoid the film's dismal vision of the future.


Exploring Taiwan's Hidden Underwater Gems

Taiwan may not be renowned for its scuba diving, but the island is hiding some beautiful sites for divers of all levels. That is, if citizens and officials do their part to protect them.


Fake Tourist Spot in Taiwan Raises Environmental Awareness

Bing-sheng Lee

A campaign featuring a non-existing scenic spot has been launched to address the increasingly serious trash problem on Orchid Island.


Taiwan Film Raises Criticism Over Aboriginal Issue

TNL 編輯

“David Loman 2,”directed by Chu Ke-liang, has hit NT$170 million (approximately US$ five million) at the box office. However, a scene where the actors imitate Tao aboriginals has provoked criticism for not respecting the people.

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