Japan-Taiwan relations


OPINION: It's Time for Taiwan's Allies to Consider Their Own Taiwan Relations Act

China's heightened aggression towards Taiwan should be met with a legal response that shows democratic allies' willingness to come to Taiwan's aid.


Making Diplomatic Waves off the Diaoyutais

TNL Staff

A Taiwanese fishing vessel was water cannoned by Japanese patrol vessels for straying too close to exclusive waters.

釣魚台 尖閣群島 Diaoyu Islands Senkaku Islands Chinese marine surveillance ship Haijian No. 51 sails near Uotsuri island, one of the disputed islands, called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China in the East

Taiwan and Japan In Dispute Over Fishing Grounds


After Taiwan and Japan signed the “Taiwan-Japan Fisheries Agreement” in 2013, there have been disputes and complaints from fishermen from both sides. Recently, local fishery groups in Japan have asked the Taiwan-Japan fishing area to be narrowed, raising strong protest from the Suao Fishermen’s Association.

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