Umbrella Movement


Hong Kong Legislator Reflects on Pro-Democracy Struggle as He Seeks Asylum

Voice of America

Baggio Leung, a former Hong Kong legislator seeking asylum in the United States, feels pessimistic about Hong Kong's short-term future, but said he believes Hong Kongers will one day win their city back.


Hong Kong Police React With Violence to Umbrella-Style Occupation

New Bloom

As demonstrators in Hong Kong flooded the streets for a peaceful protest Hong Kong sent in the riot police in an attempt to intimidate them and clear the streets using tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets.


Umbrella Activists Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is getting a little recognition abroad.

Joshua Wong Jailed Again

Joshua Wong Imprisoned Again for 2014 Protests


The Hong Kong democracy activist is returning to prison for 'defying a court order.'


2017: The Year Pessimism Won in Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong's democratic hopes are dimmer than ever.


Doing Time with Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong


After being freed on bail pending appeal following his conviction in August for inciting unlawful assembly in Hong Kong, democracy activist Joshua Wong speaks about his time behind bars and the state of freedoms outside in Hong Kong.


Singing a Revolution: Pop, Politics, and the Umbrella Movement

Dr Ivy Man

The genre of Canto-pop has exceeded expectations, becoming more than just a popular music genre. It has provoked thought, sung for the people of Hong Kong, and time and time again has held a mirror to the SAR’s socio-political sentiments and local identity.

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