China’s Waning Leverage Over South Korea Lessens Chances of Retaliation Against THAAD, Experts Say

Voice of America

Even with its reduced economic leverage, experts said China would likely continue its military aggression to exert leverage over South Korea.


China Probes Its Neighbors’ Defenses as Regional Tensions Rise

Deutsche Welle

Beijing has territorial claims against Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and is using “salami-slicing” military and economic tactics in its efforts to assume control of the strategically important areas.


A Foreign Policy Cheat Sheet for South Korea’s Presidential Election

The Interpreter

Liberal and conservative candidates bring distinct traits to office. But after polling day, the shackles could come off.


Cooler Heads Prevail in SK-China Missile Defense Spat

Jeongseok Lee

With the THAAD issue largely settled, politics on the Korean peninsula just got a little less complicated.


North Korea Says It Tested an ICBM. Here's Why That's a Big Deal


Here's what to know about ICBMs, and why a successful test would be such a big deal.


Towards Engagement with North Korea: Implications of the South Korean Presidential Election

Timothy S. Rich

The new South Korean President’s interest in engagement with North Korea may aid in improving relations with China, providing greater means to entice North Korea with both carrots and sticks, argues Timothy Rich.

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