Fiji Revaluating Ties With China, Main US Indo-Pacific Rival

Voice of America

“If our systems and our values differ, what cooperation can we get from them?” the Fijian Prime Minister said, referring to China.


US Beefs up South Pacific Aid, Diplomacy as China Spreads Its Influence

Voice of America

Washington intends to return the U.S. Peace Corps to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu, citing progress toward reestablishing a U.S. Agency for International Development regional mission for the Pacific in Fiji.


Insights From Africa As China Stumbles in the Pacific

The Interpreter

Investment, infrastructure, and influence building – what worked for China before may not again elsewhere.


China Doubles Down on Fiji Incident

Jenny Li

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response to its diplomats’ conduct was not only at odds with most media reports on the events, but also the image it wishes to project.


China Not a Factor in Fiji's Taiwan Office Closure - Officials

Central News Agency

The Fiji office closure was a question of resources and not related to China - Taiwan officials say.


Fiji Becomes First Country To Approve Paris Agreement

TNL 編輯

Countries in the Asia Pacific region are among the most vulnerable nations when talking about global warming. Recently, Fiji's parliament ratified the implementation of Paris Agreement in their country, hoping to pioneer the official agreement among participating countries.

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