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Supreme Court


India: Top Court Declines Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Deutsche Welle

India's Supreme Court has stated that it does not have the power to legalize same-sex marriages, as it falls under the jurisdiction of parliament and state legislatures.


As Contentious Judicial ‘Reform’ Becomes Law in Israel, Netanyahu Cements His Political Legacy

The Conversation

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy will likely be marked by shifting the state’s stance rightwards, stymying a Palestinian state and increasing ties with non-democratic foreign governments.

India: The Kolkata Rainbow Pride

India and Myanmar See LGBT Rights Movements Gaining Grounds

TNL 編輯

India’s Supreme Court has agreed to revisit a previous judgement that upheld a law criminalizing gay sex. The judges say that the issue is a matter of constitutional importance. In Myanmar, a LGBT rights organization also plans to propose a new anti-discrimination law.

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