Why 'Wolf Warrior II' Beat Up 'Founding of an Army' at the Box Office

Chublic Opinion

'Wolf Warrior II' smashed Communist Party propaganda fest 'Founding of an Army' at China's box office this summer, but while showing how far Chinese cinema has come in terms of production values, its overt and ugly patriotism left some with a bitter taste in the mouth.


From Caracas to Taipei: The Strange World of Ignacio Huang

James Baron

The life of the Taiwan-born Argentine actor spans across continents and cultures.


OPINION: The Difference Between Chinese and American Romance Movies

Cinema Escapist

While Americans have romantic comedies, the Chinese have something else.


Kung-Fu Yoga: China's Soft Power Drive Goes Awry

Reviews have slammed it as a "mangled mess" and a "snoozefest masquerading as a film," but what else does it say about China's soft power drive?


TNLI’s Top Ten Movies of 2016

Olivia Yang

Check out TNLI's list of the top ten films in 2016.


Report: Robert De Niro Linked to Malaysia Corruption Lawsuits in US


'I'm aware of it, but I don't give a s**t': De Niro on his link to Malaysia's corruption scandal.


WHO Says Movies With Smoking Scenes Should Be Rated

TNL 編輯

WHO is calling on governments around the world to rate movies that show tobacco. The organization confirmed that this means films with smoking scenes should be viewed only by those who are 18 and older. Its aim is to prevent children and adolescents from starting to smoke cigarettes and use other forms of tobacco.

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