New Delhi, Dengue, and Big Data: How Fighting Disease Can Unite a City

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The fight against infectious disease in urban India could help create more inclusive social institutions.


India's Disappearing Dead: The Story Of Dengue in Delhi

Oommen C Kurian

Data shows that officials have been massively underreporting the number of deaths caused by dengue fever in Delhi.


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join Fight Against Zika

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With more and more people being infected with the Zika virus, many countries are seeking solutions to tackle mosquito-borne diseases, including Taiwan, the UK and Brazil.

APTOPIX Brazil Zika Birth Defects

First Zika Case In Taiwan And The Virus Casting Shadow On The 2016 Olympics

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Zika has seen its first case in Taiwan on January 19 and the virus’ outbreak in Brazil has drawn world attention as it’s found to be related to microcephaly: babies born with abnormally small heads. With mosquitos being its vector, there are concerns that the outbreak would not be stopped before the 2016 Olympics this August.

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