The United States Is Losing the Multilateral Economic Game

East Asia Forum

As the largest trading bloc, RCEP offers tariff adjustments, dispute settlement mechanisms and trade remedies that induce better cooperation and commitment to achieve common objectives. All ASEAN members and five external partners — Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand — have signed it.


Why RCEP Is a Big Deal

East Asia Forum

The RCEP trade deal, signed on November 15, shows deep commitments to trade liberalization and regional economic integration, but challenges to implement it lie ahead.


Taiwan Using Its Close US Ties To Seek Elusive Economic Deals With a Major Trading Partner

Voice of America

Taiwan has signed a memorandum of understanding to expand “economic prosperity” in a meeting with U.S. officials in Washington, on the path to a bilateral trade agreement.


Can Suga Lead on Japanese Foreign Policy?

East Asia Forum

Suga can be one of the many typical post-war premiers who focuses on domestic policy, but the regional security environment around Japan will not allow this indefinitely.


Chinese President Xi Jinping Blasts Protectionism in APEC Speech

Deutsche Welle

The Chinese president boasted about the role China will play in solving major global crises while preaching the benefits of free trade. He was talking in the aftermath of the signing of the world's biggest trade deal.


Can RCEP Revive a Dead TPP?

Alwin Adityo

With the TPP axed, RCEP has quickly become the most crucial trade agreement in the Asia Pacific. But to succeed, RCEP must prove itself as an agreement that can successfully link the interests of countries at various stages of economic development.


President Ma Ying-jeou Says Taiwan Must Join Economic Partnerships


Ma says it’s important for Taiwan to take similar actions to sign trade agreements, which is becoming a world economy trend, especially during these times when the function of WTO is weakening and many countries are signing bilateral trade agreements.

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