Dwindling Economic Opportunities for China’s Youth Fuels Discontent

East Asia Forum

Without addressing high levels of youth unemployment, China will see a generation of lost youth who may look for disruptive ways to voice their despair.


A Higher Minimum Wage Won’t Lead To Higher Unemployment in Taiwan

Roy Ngerng

Despite what you may hear from business interest lobbyists, the historical data shows no clear correlation between a growing minimum wage and a higher unemployment rate.


Why Developing Nations Need Not Fear Automation

Sher Singh Verick

Policymakers should respect not fear the automation cliff and focus on improving the overall quality of employment.


Why A Rich, Orderly Himalayan State Has India’s Highest Suicide Rate

Sarita Santoshini

“The government wants Sikkim to be known as a pollution-free, disease-free state. But I work with young men and women every day, and they are constantly struggling,” Bhutia said. “Sikkim will lose its people if it doesn’t act now.”


UN Labor Agency: Global Unemployment to Rise by 2.3 Million in 2016

Anita Chow

The number of unemployed people is estimated to rise by 2.3 million in 2016 and 2.5 million in 2017, which is very likely to top 200 million for the first time ever. The trend will probably cause instability in societies and leave existing jobs vulnerable.

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